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India's Contribution to the Global Beer Scene

Despite the pandemic, India’s beer market has been thriving, setting them up as major players in the global beer industry market. Here, Rupee discuss its contribution to the industry:

The growth of India’s beet sector is largely thanks to more disposable income in the country as well as greater social acceptance of alcohol.

These factors, and more, are set to lead to huge growth in the beer market over the coming years and contribute to a more vibrant beer scene.

Increasingly, India is seeing a shift from harder liquor and spirits to a wider uptake of beer. Attitudes towards alcohol consumption is evolving, particularly amongst youth, who are gaining an appetite for beer as social drinking.

Since India’s youth make up more than 30% of the population, this is having a big impact on the Indian beer market. The youth are also those who are more likely to buy into online delivery of beer, which has increased the general availability of the alcohol over lockdown.

Government incentives have been supporting this growth, and this is likely to open up higher export potentials for Indian beer brands. This means we’re likely to see a lot of exciting developments from India in coming months, as they continue to innovate.

As the Indian beer market continues to innovate and expand, it will continue to contribute to the industry and drive competition, globally.

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